Top 3 Hair Masks For Hair Growth!

DIY hair masks

Hair is a considerable feature of one’s personality that enhances the look significantly. People should be choosing the proper hair care routine that will enhance the look significantly surely. Proper nourishment of the hair is required for maintaining the perfect look and health of the hair.

Homemade hair masks can surely come in handy for hair growth and correcting scalp health significantly. We are here taking a look at the simple hair masks for hair growth that will help in improving health and managing hair really well.

Top 3 hair masks for hair growth!

  • Besan and olive oil hair mask: it is a perfect decision for you to choose the besan and olive oil hair mask. All you need five tbsp of besan and curd with two tbsp of olive oil. It is recommended to apply the mixture to your dry hair. Once you have applied the mixture on the hair, leave it for 20 minutes and practice shampooing with sulfate free shampoo and condition well. The regular application of this hair mask will make your hair look shinier than ever before. People dealing with dry and frizzy hair will find this hair mask optimal, surely.
  • Egg white with gram flour: if you have thin hair that needs proper nourishment, it is better to choose egg white and gram flour as this combination can help your hair amazingly. It will be great to choose egg white and gram flour, and almond powder to strengthen your hair. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply the whole thing to hair perfectly. Once the mixture is dried, well shampoo your hair and rinse it after 30 minutes. This hair mask is great for a normal scalp that is neither too dry nor oily.
  • health of the hairGram flour and methi seeds: you can add two tbsp of besan and ground methi seeds into coconut milk if you have an oily scalp. Dealing with oily scalp can be difficult as you cannot put oils for hair growth but be savvy regarding the products. Using gram flour and methi seeds would be helpful in correcting your hair texture and promoting hair growth significantly.

Hence, these are some of the top choices for DIY hair growth masks, which is to make hair look better and promote hair growth amazingly. We hope you find the details stated above helpful in learning better about hair masks and hair growth.

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