Step By Step Guide To Make Butterfly Hair Clip With Ribbon!


Hairpins with butterflies or bows are the cutest addition to hair accessories. It is a great choice to make one for yourself without much hassle; however, it may seem a bit difficult, but easy guide you can easily create one.

We are guiding to make a butterfly hair clip with ribbon for creating something aesthetic with step by step instructions. To attain a complete guide, consider reading the details mentioned below.

Step by step guide to making a butterfly hair clip!

  • Cut two pieces 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon: ensure that piece has to be 3 ½ inches long, the second piece to be three inches long. It is better to choose for solid-colored ribbon for this and even add a pattern for making it look eye appealing. Grosgrain ribbon is better, but the sating ribbon is not a great choice.
  • Wing ribbon at an angle: now, you need to fold the angle at one side and unfold ribbons when you have done the job. However, it is necessary to cut them and match the ends.
  • hair accessoriesCut short piece inch: it is necessary to cut a 1 ½ or 2 inches long ribbon, but it is better to choose for solid color only as it will make the body. The ribbon you are choosing must be brighter with a good pattern as it will make the body.
  • Heat seal ribbons: to have a finishing look, it is better to use heat for sealing ribbons. The butterfly will look neat and prevent the ribbon from fraying. However, take care that ribbons aren’t burnt during the whole procedure. To prevent any over burning, keep a bowl of water beside you.

By following these simple steps, you can get assistance in creating DIY hair clips of ribbon and styling your hair in the simplest ways.

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